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A New Scam involving Tax Refunds is particularly dastardly

The latest scam that might be used to separate you from your money goes something like this:

Step One - You find out that the IRS sent you a refund you were not expecting. You might get it by check or maybe direct deposit. You go - Hey, I wasn't expecting this. Hmm . . .

Maybe getting your Tax Refund by direct deposit is not such a good idea

Somebody accidentally entered an old bank account number for a direct deposit of a tax refund.

The IRS offered no assistance in retrieving the refund! They took the position that they had no accountability. They said they had done exactly as the taxpayer had requested. Taxpayer problem.

Our Carson City Office has moved

We are now at 701 South Carson Street - above the Artisan Cafe and Bakery.

Bright cheerful office space, the delicious smells of fresh baked goodies and coffee. What could be better? Oh - subletting from the same great people we were with at the Ferris Mansion, that's what.

Thanks Matt and the great staff at for letting us tag along!

Our tax code is a mess!

Below is a letter that Donald Rumsfeld sends to the IRS with his tax return every year.  Bravo to him for saying what needs to be said about our ridiculous tax code.  It is a system that has run amok.  I definitely agree with those who have called for starting over from a clean slate.

New Reporting Requirements for Business

Businesses are now required to report to the IRS whenever there are changes to contact info - responsible party, address etc.

This from the Form 8822-B instructions:

How to get your Wage Witholding Tax just right

The IRS recently released a helpful video on their YouTube channel.

This video explains how to use their Withholding calculator to get your withholding just right.

If you are a wage earner this video and the calculator will help you understand how it all works.

Back to the Ferris Mansion

Recently, Val-U-Corp, a Resident Agent in Carson City Nevada, moved to the Ferris Mansion.  Since we have been happily subletting from them for about the last 10 years and were able to, we moved with them. 

Some won't be able to file till Late Feb

Filing 2012 Tax Returns

Because of the need for more extensive form and processing systems changes people claiming residential energy credits, depreciation of property or general business credits won't be able to start filing until late February or into March.

If you are self employed these delays will probably affect you!

The IRS says: Most of those in this group file more complex tax returns and typically file closer to the April 15 deadline or obtain an extension.

The IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service Is Now Accepting Fewer Cases

The Taxpayer Advocate Service is cutting down on its caseload.

The IRS said, “The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is designed to be a "safety net" for taxpayers who are experiencing problems with the IRS. However, ime, it must focus on cases where it can add the most value.”

TAS plans to focus on these four categories:

Estimated Taxes

If you are self employed or have income from sources other than Wages you may want to make estimated tax payments.

Here is a cute video from the IRS on Youtube with somevery general info about this subject.  If you have more specific questions give us a shout.


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