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For Prospective Clients

Bookkeeping:  We are a Very Small Bookkeeping & Income Tax Practice.  If you own a Very Small Business – You’ve come to the right place.  We can handle Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships,  Corporations or LLCs.  But if you have more than four owners, or owners that don’t trust each other very much you should probably find a bigger firm becuase we don't audit our clients.  In this day and age distance is not much of an issue.  Most of our clients mail their paperwork in monthly and we mail it back when we are through with it.  It is also possible to scan and fax or email source documents.

Payroll Services:  We are very flexible and have service options to handle it the way you want.  From doing most of it yourself to doing fully automated online service and everything in between.

Income TaxesWe can handle your Individual or Business Tax returns.  Again distance is not much of an issue.  We currently have clients in: California, Nevada & Arizona.

 Websites:  Our specialty is Businesses and Organizations.  We develop using the Drupal Content Mangement System (CMS) which is the same software that the White House uses for it's website.  We will create a totally custom design to your specifications.  We can set it up so that you wil have the ability to allow staff members to create and edit content on an ongoing basis without the hassle of calling a webmaster.  With our business experience we are able to quickly understand our clients need for dynamic design and business logic.  We also know the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Socail Media linkage.

Steve & Terrah Swartz

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